Leadership Team

Nicole Kelly

Nicole leads our platform engagement and marketing teams, which manage performance, brand, marketing, technology and operations, and partnerships for both the RBCx practice and scaling Ventures portfolio companies. Nicole and her team also work closely with early- and late-stage Banking clients to support their scaling efforts with resources and advisory on go-to-market strategies, growth marketing, PR, and communications.

Nicole Kelly2022-11-04T09:35:14-04:00

Hector Crespo

Hector is the ultimate blend of creative thinking and strategic execution. He and his team work closely with our venture founders and partners to help them discover new business opportunities, gain insights on the human experience, and design exceptional products and services.

Hector Crespo2022-11-04T09:40:42-04:00

Dimitri Busevs

Dimitri connects businesses to tens of millions of consumers and builds platforms and services that help people save time, save money, and simplify their daily lives. Dimitri is also responsible for developing new product and client strategies to extend our cross-border direct banking business into the broader U.S. market.

Dimitri Busevs2022-11-04T09:39:58-04:00

Tony Barkett

Tony leads our full technology and innovation banking practice. He provides strategic oversight of product and market development, and heads our national relationship management and credit advisory teams.

Tony Barkett2022-11-04T09:38:17-04:00

Sid Paquette

Sid heads all aspects of our strategy and operations. Before joining RBC, he was a managing partner at OMERS Ventures, where he led several multi-stage investments in tech and innovation startups.

Sid Paquette2022-11-04T09:36:33-04:00