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RBCx helps tech companies scale and make an impact on the world by connecting them to the right people, ideas, and financial solutions of one of Canada’s largest banks.

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Our expertise and network in the innovation ecosystem spans four distinct areas to be the go-to source for tech founders and investors.

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We help tech companies at every stage.

Rely on our dedicated RBCx Advisors for financial products and services tailored to meet your distinct startup needs as you set up your business and acquire customers. Get preferred rates and exclusive discounts on software, financial services, counsel, and more to help scale your business through the RBCx Marketplace.

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Unlock our expanded suite of sophisticated capital and lending solutions to help your company scale and reach the next stage. Join a community of industry leaders and innovators for valuable connections and operational insights through our advisory, content, and curated events.

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Accelerate growth with our refined suite of financial products, advisory services, and sector-focused expertise across the global RBC network. Our high-touch service and solutions support your business priorities—capital and commercialization—to grow and protect your market presence or prepare for an exit event.

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Phil Cutler
- CEO, Paper

“The vast majority of banks that exist out there actually aren’t designed to support businesses like ours— they have red tape, they have mechanisms in place that detract from the business’s operations and actually discourage the growth that the venture capital world expects…RBCx understands.”

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Matt Anderson-Baron – Co-founder and CEO, Future Fields

“Having a banking partner that understands venture-backed high growth companies, and the kind of a unique situation that we’re in, is important to help us work on financial solutions. A lot of traditional banks don’t understand the nuances of how we operate versus how a more traditional business operates.”

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Nicole Janssen – Co-founder and Co-CEO, AltaML

“When you’re a business of our size and growth, there are a lot of ups and downs: the growth, and then the dip, and then more growth and dips. We’ve always been able to call RBC and say, we have a problem, or how can I solve this? You spend much of your career hearing, ‘don’t talk to the bank,’ because, if you do, you’ll regret it. That’s never been our experience.”

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Robert Forsythe – Co-founder and CEO, Milk Moovement

“It’s very clear that we’re partners and it’s very clear they want us to succeed. There’s empathy for what us startups are going through.”

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Victoria Stephenson – Vice President of Finance and Strategy, StellarAlgo

“RBCx has been a really great partner on everything from our everyday banking needs to making introductions to key people who may be able to help us within RBC and beyond.”

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We work with Canada’s leading tech companies, bringing our deep sector expertise and global connections to help them scale, innovate, and solve the world’s biggest problems.

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Avoiding Common Mistakes: Convertible Notes and SAFEs

Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder and General Partner at Hustle Fund
Konata Lake, Head of Torys’ Emerging Company and Venture Capital Group at Torys LLP
John Rikhtegar, Director, Capital at RBCx
April 4, 2024 @ 2:00pm-3:00pm ET3:00pm ETView Details
Client Only

Building Your Dream Team

Nora Jenkins Townson, Founder and CEO at Bright + Early
Arron Lin, Associate VP, Early Stage Banking at RBCx
March 26, 2024 @ 12:00pm-1:00pm ET1:00pm ETView Details
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