When RBCx says We Power Bold, it’s not just an empty statement. It’s a commitment to power the innovators who are using technology to change the world. Our mission is ambitious, but we have the talent to support this vision, combined with the knowledge and resources to execute whatever strategy we dream up.

In our promise to power tech businesses and the entrepreneurs who lead them, we partner with organizations who share our ambition. These partnerships are a reflection of our values and are meant to expose or accelerate an opportunity for our clients and the different communities we choose to empower.

Hackergal is one of those partnerships. It’s an organization on a mission to “break down the barriers of girls in tech and empower the next generation of innovators across Canada.” Hackergal encompasses the type of boldness we can appreciate and we’re gracious to help them succeed in achieving their goals.

That’s where Megha Sharma comes in. She’s the co-founder and CTO of youth money management app Mydoh, a venture born within RBCx that uses tech to help teach kids real world money skills. She is also a speaker and one of the RBCx Sponsor Engagement Leads for Hackergal, where she uses her expertise and experience to mentor girls interested in STEAM. As a young woman in tech, herself, Megha knows all too well what kind of obstacles girls face when trying to enter this field.

“There is a lack of representation of women in the tech industry,” Sharma says. “In my career, I haven’t had many people to look up to that looked like me or faced similar biases. So for me, it’s extremely important to support and encourage the next generation of young women in tech.”

RBCx is going beyond traditional support. We’ve partnered with Hackergal to launch their first-ever scholarship program to help girls who are ready to pursue tech in post-secondary. RBCx is also involved in Hackergal’s Ambassador program, designed to introduce young girls to the STEAM space through workshops and connecting with women working in those spaces.

Two girls from Hackergal’s National Ambassador Program will be eligible for the 2022/2023 Hackergal x RBCx Scholarship. It’s a $5,000 award and an opportunity to join Hackergal’s Board of Directors for one year, and the next evolution of RBCx’s support of this important organization.

“We work closely with Hackergal to provide mentorship and guidance to young girls enrolled in their Ambassador Program,” Sharma says. “Technology is a fast growing industry that impacts almost every aspect of our lives, so it’s critical that we get young women interested in technical careers to create more diversity in this field. When I learned that Hackergal’s mission aims to do just this, I was very supportive of the initiative and excited to get involved. ”

This past year, Hackergal Ambassadors led eleven coding clubs across four Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Alberta. They hosted these clubs for six weeks within their communities and created safe spaces for young girls to build confidence and improve their coding skills. After graduating from these coding clubs, 100% of the girls said they felt more knowledgeable in their coding skills.

What makes this story even more special is that the five Ambassadors that were part of previous cohorts, have continued on to study STEAM into post-secondary. They’re currently studying within fields like electrical engineering, computer science, and life sciences. This cycle is how Hackergal builds community and is able to create authentic and meaningful experiences for all of the girls who participate in their programs.

We value our partnership with Hackergal. The impact they are having on exposing girls to STEAM is unquestionable. RBCx will continue to explore relationships with partners who are making a difference. Our goal is to help these organizations lift the communities they serve so they can reach new heights. And with partnerships like Hackergal, we are confident we will continue to make good on our promise to power bold.

RBC supports this mission as well, and has created a culture inspired by our diversity, fueled by the exploration of technology, and commitment to the future of our youth. RBC empowers the innovators using technology to change the world and will continue to use their resources to lift the communities they serve. Partnering with important groups like Hackergal supports the bank’s commitment to being the destination of choice for technologists of all backgrounds.

Find out more about Hackergal and the 2022/2023 Hackergal x RBCx Scholarship.

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